*657593208832* Ceawlin of Wessex King
(Omkr 0510-0593)
N. N.
*328796604416* Cutwine of Wessex
(Omkr 0565-)
N. N.
*164398302208* Cutwulf



1. *164398302209* Gwynhafar

*164398302208* Cutwulf

  • Født: 592, Kent, , , England
  • Ægteskab (1): *164398302209* Gwynhafar
  • Død: 648 i en alder af 56 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Cuthwulf also sometimes Cutha (fl. 592-648) was the third son of Cuthwine and consequently a member of the House of Wessex. Although a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert, (see House of Wessex family tree), Cathwulf was never king. He is said to have been born in c. 592 and his death date is unknown.

His brothers were Cynebald and Cedda; his son was Ceolwald of Wessex; nothing more of his life is known.

Due to the similarity of his name to his father's name, and the shadowy nature of early Anglo-Saxon genealogies, it appears that he was often confused with his father Cuthwine. For example, Caedwalla was said to be the son of Cedda and the grandson of Cutha, where Cutha here presumably refers to Cuthwine, since Cedda is also said to be the brother of Cuthwulf.


Cutwulf blev gift med *164398302209* Gwynhafar, datter af *328796604418* Clemen ap Bledric og N. N.

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