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*657593209092* Clotaire (I.) of Franconia
(Omkr 0497-0561)
(Omkr 0515/0520-0580)
*5260732957856* Chilperic (I.) of Franconia
(Omkr 0538-Omkr 0584)
(-Omkr 0580)
(-Efter 0590)




  • Død: Efter 590

punkttegn  Notater:

Basina (fl. 590), was a Frankish princess, the daughter and youngest child of Chilperic I, King of Soissons (later Neustria), and his first wife, Audovera. After surviving the assassination of her immediate family, she became a nun. She later helped to lead a rebellion by a group of the nuns, which became a scandal throughout the region. This event was chronicled by the bishop and saint, Gregory of Tours, who was one of the bishops chosen to settle the matter.

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