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*2630372836368* Childeric (I.) A of Franconia
(Omkr 0440-0481)
*2630372836373* Basina
(Omkr 0438-0477)
*2630372836370* Chilperic (II) of Burgundy
(Omkr 0450-0493)
*2630372836371* Caratene of Swabia
(Omkr 0467-)
*1315186418184* Clovis (I.) (Den Store) of Franconia
*1315186418185* Clotilde of Burgundy
(Omkr 0475-0545)
(Omkr 0495-0524)



1. Guntheuc


  • Født: Omkr 495
  • Ægteskab (1): Guntheuc
  • Død: 524 i en alder af ca. 29 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Chlodomer, also spelled Clodomir or Clodomer (c. 495 - 524) was the second of the four sons of Clovis I, King of the Franks. On the death of his father, in 511, he divided the kingdom of the Franks with his three brothers: Theuderic I, Childebert I, and Clotaire I. Although Theuderic, the eldest, had a better claim, Chlodomer divided half of the kingdom with his two other brothers. This was the kingdom of Orléans, taken from the former kingdom of Syagrius. This kingdom included, most notably, the bishoprics of Tours, Poitiers and Orléans. Chlodomer married Guntheuc, with whom he had three sons: Theodebald, Gunthar, and Clodoald.

In 523\endash 24, possibly at the instigation of his mother Clotilde, who was eager to avenge her nephew who had been put to death by Sigismund of Burgundy, Chlodomer joined with his brothers in an expedition against the Burgundians. After capturing Sigismund, Chlodomer returned to Orléans. Later, Sigismund's brother Gondomar returned triumphantly to Burgundy at the head of the troops sent by his ally, the Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great.

Victorious, Chlodomer had Sigismund and his sons Gisald and Gondebaud killed on 1 May 524. He then led a second expedition against the Burgundians. He was killed on this expedition, in the spring or summer of the same year, at the Battle of Vézeronce. His three sons were entrusted to his mother until his widow married Clotaire I. Clotaire, however, had Chlodomer's children killed, but Clodoald managed to escape. Better known as Saint Cloud, he later became abbot of Nogent, having given up his hair, the symbol of the Frankish royalty, rather than giving up his life.


Chlodomer blev gift med Guntheuc. (Guntheuc blev født i 495 og døde omkring 532.)

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