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*164397904908* Pepin (II.) (Den Yngre) of Herstal
(Omkr 0635-0714)
*164397904909* Alpaida
(Omkr 0654-Omkr 0714)
*164397904910* Rothari (II.)
*164397904911* Adelheid
*82198952454* Charles Martel
(Omkr 0688-0741)
*82198952455* Rotrude of Trier
(Omkr 0690-Omkr 0724)
*328795809002* Carloman
(Omkr 0716-0754)



1. N. N.

*328795809002* Carloman

  • Født: Omkr 716
  • Ægteskab (1): N. N.
  • Død: 17 Aug. 754, Vienne, , Rhône-Alpes, France i en alder af ca. 38 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Carloman (between 706 and 716 - 17 August 754) was the eldest son of Charles Martel, majordomo or mayor of the palace and duke of the Franks, and his wife Chrotrud of Treves. On Charles's death (741), Carloman and his brother Pepin the Short succeeded to their father's legal positions, Carloman in Austrasia, and Pepin in Neustria. He was a member of the family later called the Carolingians and it can be argued that he was instrumental in consolidating their power at the expense of the ruling Merovingian kings of the Franks. He withdrew from public life in 747 to take up the monastic habit, "the first of a new type of saintly king," according to Norman Cantor, "more interested in religious devotion than royal power, who frequently appeared in the following three centuries and who was an indication of the growing impact of Christian piety on Germanic society"


Carloman blev gift med N. N.

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