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*41099476232* Pepin (III.) (Den Lille) of France
(Omkr 0714-0768)
*41099476233* Bertrada of Laon
(Omkr 0720-0783)
*82198953728* Gerold of Vinzgau
(Omkr 0730-Omkr 0795)
*41099476235* Emma of Alamannia
(-Mellem 0784/0798)
*20549738116* Charles (Den Store - Charlemagne) of Franconia
*20549738117* Hildegard of the Vinzgau
(Omkr 0758-0783)




  • Født: 779
  • Død: 826 i en alder af 47 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Bertha was raised with her brothers and sisters in the royal household of Charlemagne, who had all of his children educated by tutors.

An offer by Offa of Mercia to arrange a marriage between Bertha and his son, Ecgfrith, led to Charlemagne breaking off diplomatic relations with Britain in 790, and banning British ships from his ports. Like her sisters, Bertha never formally married; it has been speculated that Charlemagne did not want his daughters married for strategic reasons, fearing political rivalry from their potential husbands.

Bertha was in a long relationship with Angilbert, a court official, which produced two children. During 794-5, Angilbert presented a poem as a court entertainment, praising the beauty and charms of Charlemagne's daughters; Bertha is praised in particular for having critical discernment and appreciation for poetry, which Angilbert points out is a cause for him to be concerned about how she might receive his poem.

Bertha's children with Angilbert were sons Hartnid, about whom little is known, and the historian Nithard, Abbott of St. Riquier. Angilbert ended his affair with Bertha and entered a monastery, becoming Abbott of St. Riquier, according to a biography written by their son, Nithard. Angilbert remained an important advisor to Charlemagne, however. The children of Bertha and Angilbert were likely educated in Charlemagne's court. Nithard was a distinguished soldier and politician, and acted as an advisor to Charles the Bald of France.

Following the death of Charlemagne, his successor, Louis the Pious, exiled his sisters to the convents that had been left for their inheritance by their father.

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