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*642180868* Aethelwulf of Wessex
(Omkr 0795-0858)
*642180869* Osburgh
*20549737990* Ethelred of Mercia Ealdorman
(Omkr 0830-Omkr 0895)
*20549737991* Eadburh of Mercia Ealdorman
(Omkr 0830-)
*10274868994* Alfred (Den Store) of Wessex
*10274868995* Ealhswith
(Omkr 0852-0902)
Edward den Ældre
(Omkr 0874-0924)



Edward den Ældre

  • Født: Omkr 874
  • Død: 17 Jul. 924, Farndon, , Wales, Great Britain i en alder af ca. 50 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Edward the Elder (Old English: Eadweard cyning; c. 874-877 - 17 July 924) was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 899 until his death. He became king in 899 upon the death of his father, Alfred the Great. He captured the eastern Midlands and East Anglia from the Danes in 917 and became ruler of Mercia in 918 upon the death of Æthelflæd, his sister.

All but two of his charters give his title as "Anglorum Saxonum rex" or "king of the Anglo-Saxons". He was the second king of the Anglo-Saxons as this title was created by Alfred. Edward's coinage reads "EADVVEARD REX." According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle the Kings of Scotland and Strathclyde and the rulers of Northumbria "chose [Edward] as father and lord" in 920, but the claim is dismissed by most historians. Edward's eponym "the Elder" was first used in Wulfstan's Life of St Æthelwold (c. 996) to distinguish him from the later King Edward the Martyr.

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