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*5137434528* Robert (IV.) (Den Stærke)
(Omkr 0830-0866)
*10274869219* Adelheid of Tours
(-Efter 0866)
*2568717264* Robert (I.) of France
(Omkr 0866-0923)
*10274868998* Adèle of Maine




  • Født: 894
  • Død: 2 Nov. 934 i en alder af 40 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Emma of France (died November 2, 934) was a French princess by birth and queen by marriage. She was the daughter of Robert I of France and either Aelis of Maine or Béatrice of Vermandois. Her family is known as the Robertians.

In c. 921 she married Duke Rudolph of Burgundy. Her spouse was crowned king of Western Francia on 13 July 923 at Saint-Médard de Soissons, thereby making her queen. Emma was the first Frankish queen who is known to have been crowned: she was crowned in Reims, by the bishop of Reims called Séulf, the same year but a little later than her spouse, a fact mentioned in contemporary chronicles.

It seems Emma bore only one child, a son named Louis. There is a possibility that Emma also had a daughter, and she was maybe called Judith

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