*328796604547* Ingoberge of Paris
(Omkr 0520-Omkr 0589)



1. *328796604546* Charibert (I.) of Paris

*328796604547* Ingoberge of Paris

  • Født: Omkr 520, Paris, Arras, , Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Frankrig
  • Ægteskab (1): *328796604546* Charibert (I.) of Paris
  • Død: Omkr 589, Tours, , Centre, Frankrig i en alder af ca. 69 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Ingoberga (c. 520 - Tours, 589) was the first wife of the Frankish king Charibert I. Her own lineage has not been determined.

Ingoberga and Charibert were the parents of Bertha van Kent, the later wife of king Æthelberht of Kent and the initiator of the Christian mission under the Anglo-Saxons (the so-called Gregorian mission).

Her marriage was not easy. According to a history of the Franks, "king Charibert married Ingoberga, by whom he had a daughter who afterwards married a husband in Kent and was taken there. At that time Ingoberga had in her service two daughters of a certain poor man, of whom the first was called Marcovefa, who wore the robe of a nun, and the other was Merofled. The king was very much in love with them. They were, as I have said, the daughters of a worker in wool. Ingoberga was jealous that they were loved by the king and secretly gave the father work to do, thinking that when the king saw this he would dislike his daughters. While he was working she called the king. He expected to see something strange, but only saw this man at a distance weaving the king's wool. Upon this he was angry and left Ingoberba and married Merofled."


Ingoberge blev gift med *328796604546* Charibert (I.) of Paris, søn af *657593209092* Clotaire (I.) of Franconia og *657593209093* Ingund of Thuringia. (*328796604546* Charibert (I.) of Paris blev født omkring 517 og døde i Dec. 567.)

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