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*41099575568* Eorcenberht of Kent
(Omkr 0602-0664)
*41099575569* Seaxburh of Ely
(Omkr 0610-0699)
*20549787784* Ecgbehrt of Kent
N. N.
*10274893892* Wihtred of Kent
(Omkr 0670-0725)



1. N. N.

*10274893892* Wihtred of Kent

  • Født: Omkr 670
  • Ægteskab (1): N. N.
  • Død: 23 Apr. 725 i en alder af ca. 55 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Wihtred (c. 670 - 23 April 725) was king of Kent from about 690 or 691 until his death. He was a son of Ecgberht I and a brother of Eadric. Wihtred acceded to the throne after a confused period in the 680s, which included a brief conquest of Kent by Cædwalla of Wessex and subsequent dynastic conflicts. His immediate predecessor was Oswine of Kent, who was probably descended from Eadbald of Kent, though not through the same line as Wihtred. Shortly after the start of his reign, Wihtred issued a code of laws-the Law of Wihtred-that has been preserved in a manuscript known as the Textus Roffensis. The laws pay a great deal of attention to the rights of the Church, including punishment for irregular marriages and for pagan worship. Wihtred's long reign had few incidents recorded in the annals of the day. He was succeeded in 725 by his sons, Æthelberht II, Eadberht I, and Ælfric.


Wihtred blev gift med N. N.

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