*20549738368* Heimrich of Saalgau
N. N.
*10274869184* Poppo of Grabfeld
(Omkr 0780-Omkr 0839)
*10274869185* Williswind
(Omkr 0800-)
*5137434592* Heinrich of Franconia



1. *5137434593* Baba of Spoleto

*5137434592* Heinrich of Franconia

  • Ægteskab (1): *5137434593* Baba of Spoleto
  • Død: 886

punkttegn  Notater:

Henry (died 886), possibly a son or grandson of Count Poppo of Grapfeld, one of the first Babenbergs, was the most important East Frankish general during the reign of Charles the Fat. He was variously titled Count or Margrave of Saxony and Duke of Franconia.

Henry was the ancestral lord of a castle, Babenberg, on the River Main, around which the later city of Bamberg was built. He enjoyed the favour of Charles the Fat and was his right-hand man in Germany during his reign. He led a surprise strike on a force of Vikings prior to the Siege of Asselt, but it was unsuccessful. When, in 885, Charles summoned Hugh, Duke of Alsace, and Godfrey, Duke of Frisia, to a court at Lobith, it was Henry who arrested them and had Godfrey executed and Hugh imprisoned on Charles' orders.

In 884, when Charles succeeded to the throne of West Francia, he sent Henry there to hold the March of Neustria against the Vikings. In 886, he was sent to aid the besieged of Paris. He did not stay long but returned later that year with Charles. However, he died in a skirmish with the Vikings while en route.


Heinrich blev gift med *5137434593* Baba of Spoleto, datter af *10274869186* Berengar of Spoleto og *10274869187* Hiltrud of Italy.

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