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*20549738036* Lothar (I.) of France
(Omkr 0795-0855)
*20549738037* Ermengarde of Tours
(Omkr 0805-0851)
*10274869018* Lothair (II.) of Italy
(Omkr 0835-0869)
*10274869019* Waldrada
*5137434509* Bertha of Lotharingia
(Omkr 0863-0925)



1. *5137434508* Theobald of Arles

2. Adalbert (II) of Tuscany

*5137434509* Bertha of Lotharingia

  • Født: Omkr 863
  • Ægteskab (1): *5137434508* Theobald of Arles omkring 879
  • Ægteskab (2): Adalbert (II) of Tuscany mellem 895 og 898
  • Død: 8 Mar. 925, Lucca, , Toscana, Italien i en alder af ca. 62 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Bertha (863-8 March 925 in Lucca) was the second illegitimate daughter of Lothair II, King of Lotharingia, by his concubine Waldrada. She was renowned to be beautiful, spirited, and courageous. Ambition, coupled with her influence, involved her husbands in many wars.
After the death of Adalbert II in 915, Guy became the count and duke of Lucca and margrave of Tuscany. His mother was his regent from his father's death until 916. Bertha died on 8 March 925 in Lucca.
Bertha is also known for her curious correspondence to Caliph al-Muktafi in 906, in which she described herself rather grandly as "Queen of the Franks". Bertha's letter is of interest in that she appears to have little knowledge of Baghdad politics or culture, and it is for this reason that details of her correspondence were recorded by one of the Muslim chroniclers. Bertha was seeking a marriage alliance between herself and the Emir of Sicily, unaware that al-Mukfati has little influence over the Aghlabid colony in Sicily. Moreover, the letter was written in a language unfamiliar to the Caliph's translators, and the accompanying gifts (among them a multicoloured woollen coat) which no doubt indicated a largesse on Bertha's part, were unlikely to have impressed al-Muktafi beyond their novelty value.


Bertha blev gift med *5137434508* Theobald of Arles, søn af *10274869016* Hucbert og *10274869017* Ukendt Lobbes, omkring 879. (*5137434508* Theobald of Arles blev født omkring 854 og døde i 895.)


Bertha blev derefter gift med Adalbert (II) of Tuscany mellem 895 og 898. (Adalbert (II) of Tuscany blev født omkring 875 og døde i 915.)

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