*1315186418208* Wehha of East Anglia
N. N.
*657593209104* Wuffa of East Anglia
N. N.
*328796604552* Tytila of East Anglia
(-Omkr 0616)



1. N. N.

*328796604552* Tytila of East Anglia

  • Ægteskab (1): N. N.
  • Død: Omkr 616

punkttegn  Notater:

Tytila (died around 616) was a semi-historical pagan king of East Anglia, a small Anglo-Saxon kingdom which today includes the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. Early sources, including Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, identify him as an early member of the Wuffingas dynasty who succeeded his father Wuffa. A later chronicle dates his reign from 578, but he is not known to have definitely ruled as king and nothing of his life is known. He is listed in a number of genealogical lists.

A number of later mediaeval sources recorded that in about 616, Tytila was succeeded by his son Rædwald.


Tytila blev gift med N. N.

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