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*2568717256* Wigeric of Lotharingia
(-Før 0923)
*2568717257* Kunigunde of France
(Omkr 0893-Efter 0923)
*2568717258* Eberhard (IV.) of Nordgau
*2568717259* Luitgard of Triergau
*1284358628* Siegfried (I.) of Luxembourg Count
(Omkr 0922-0998)
*1284358629* Hedwig of Nordgau
(Omkr 0922-Efter 0993)
Luitgarde of Luxembourg
(Omkr 0955-Omkr 1005)



Luitgarde of Luxembourg

  • Født: Omkr 955
  • Død: Omkr 1005 i en alder af ca. 50 år

punkttegn  Notater:

Lutgardis of Luxembourg, also known as Liutgardis, Liutgarde and Lutgard, (955 - ca. 1005 or possibly later) was a daughter of Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. Her sister was Cunigunde of Luxembourg. She married Arnulf, Count of Holland. They had three children:

Dirk III of Holland, for whom she acted as regent from 993 to 1005
Siegfried of Holland (985-1030), married Thetburga (985\endash )
Adelina of Holland

As the sister-in-law of Emperor Henry II, she enjoyed considerable influence. With his help she managed to maintain the county for her son Dirk III, acting as regent.

On 20 September 993, Liutgard donated her properties at Rugge to Saint Peter's abbey of Ghent for the soul of her husband. According to Thietmar's Chronicle, possibly in June 1005, she made peace with the West-Frisians through mediation by Emperor Henry.

The date of Lutgardis' death is not clear in view of conflicting sources including Annales Egmundani. It may well have been in 1005 or even later. She was buried in Egmont

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