*321090435* Wulfthryth



1. *321090434* Aethelred of Wessex

*321090435* Wulfthryth

  • Ægteskab (1): *321090434* Aethelred of Wessex

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Wulfthryth of Wessex (fl. 868) was a queen consort of the kingdom of Wessex, the wife of King Æthelred. Her name is sometimes Latinized as Wulfrida or Wilfrida.

Little is known of Wulfthryth. She witnessed a charter of 868, in which she has the title of regina ("queen"). The charter appears in the Codex Wintoniensis, but Wulfthryth is otherwise unrecorded in primary sources. Stephanie Hollis notes that 868 was the year of Alfred's marriage to a Mercian and that "Wulfthryth's name looks Mercian".

Wulfthryth is considered to be the likely mother of Æthelhelm (c. 865 - c. 890) and of Æthelwold (died 902), the leader of Æthelwold's Revolt.


Wulfthryth blev gift med *321090434* Aethelred of Wessex, søn af *642180868* Aethelwulf of Wessex og *642180869* Osburgh. (*321090434* Aethelred of Wessex blev født omkring 847 i Wessex, , , England og døde den 23 Apr. 871.)

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